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What's New at Arminta

Interactive Murals, 2020-2021
During school closures, retired teacher and muralist Helene Cobb painted an interactive jungle mural where students can identify fauna, animals and landforms. In the upper pavilion, Venezuelan graphic artist Vicente Perdomo designed two murals. The first is a fantasy/fairy tale design where students can get ideas to write their own stories. The second mural is of the planets in our solar system that students can locate and name based on their features.   
Learning Garden, 2016
Arminta's new Learning Garden was installed in November of 2016 through a grant from The Kitchen Community and LAUSD's SEEDS program. Students, parents, & staff now have access to an edible garden. Teachers use the garden to teach lessons in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 
Technology Program
We are very excited to have started our first year of a comprehensive technology program at Arminta Elementary. All students now have access to technology in the form of I-pads, Chromebooks, Macbooks, and PCs. These devices are being used to enhance student learning through a comprehensive ELA , Math, & Intervention program. Currently, all students use the devices for ST Math, a Mind Research program which has proven to be successful throughout LAUSD in getting students to understand mathematical concepts. Macbooks are being used for Typing Instructor, a keyboard program that enhances typing skills which are necessary for the twenty first century classroom. Last but not least, our PCs are being used for Imagine Learning, an ELA intervention program for students who are struggling with basic literacy skills.